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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1) What Tablets does the AudioAmp180 fit?

A1) AudioAmp180 fits tablets between 0.34" thick and 0.5" thick with a side or rear mounted speaker within about 5/8" of the edge of the tablet. This includes the original iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad with Retina display. It also fits Kindle Fire HD 7" and 8.9", and Nexus 7 and models from Lenovo, Asus, and others. It is a perfect fit for the Apple Smart Case and Smart Cover, or similar slim line cases, but will not fit thick cases like OtterBox that are over 0.5" thick. It does not fit the iPad Air or iPad mini, and if you have these models you should buy the StereoAmp180.


Q2) How much does it improve the audio volume?

A2) The exact audio volume received by a user varies according to the users environment and the Tablets orientation. However, using a "typical" user scenario, we measured audible volume increases between 5dB and 20dB, with about 10dB typical. A plot of this increase is shown in the following image, where a 20Hz to 20kHz white noise source was used to make a direct comparison. The white line is audible volume without AudioAmp180, and the green line is with it installed. In this test the microphone was located 2 feet away and directly in front of the iPad 4. This improvement is also very noticable in the video of our "Audio Test" on the Multimedia page.

AudioAmp180 Sound Test


Q3) Are there situations where it will not amplify the audible sound significantly?

A3) Yes. Without an AudioAmp180, if you currently support your iPad or tablet using a stand or case, and you position it with a vertical reflective surface right behind it, like a wall, then you may allready be reflecting the iPad audio back toward your ears. In this case you will not notice as significant of a difference with the AudioAmp180. It compares favorably when used with open areas behind it, or when used in your lap, or when the device is hand held and moved around a lot.


Q4) What is your return policy?

A4) We guarantee the AudioAmp180 to be free of manufacturing defects, and will replace defective units free of charge. Additionally if you are not satisfied with it, we will refund your purchase price less a $3.00 restocking fee, after you return it to us postage paid.


Q5) How did AudioAmp180 start?

A5) We tried several other products on the market promising to solve this problem, and found all of them weak in one aspect or another:

  • didn't fit properly
  • didn't work well
  • would not stay in place well
  • did not fit the Apple Smart Case
  • were too big or akward
  • didn't look good
  • had sharp edges and corners that could irritate or cut delicate skin
  • some were metal and would scratch furniture
  • cost too much

So we set out to create a better product, and we designed and prototyped a better solution, AudioAmp180! For the initial funding. AudioAmp180 started as a Kickstarter campaign where we obtained advanced sales on Kickstarter that helped us to validate the project and product, and offset some of the cost of bringing this product to market. We appreciate all those who supported our Kickstarter campaign and product launch. You can learn more about Kickstarter at

Q6) How do I use AudioAmp180?


AudioAmp180 Use Directions

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