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Stereoamp180 in White

StereoAmp180 in White

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AudioAmp180 in Black

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iPad Speaker Amplifier and Sound Enhancer

AudioAmp180 increases the audio volume, clarity and consistency of your iPad or tablet, and the audio comes out the front of your tablet keeping the audio and video associated more naturally. And now we have the StereoAmp180 for iPad Air and iPad mini (it fits all models of mini, air and pro) that also improves stereo channel seperation and volume! It will improve your tablets sound quality significantly, and it's affordable and makes a great gift!

AudioAmp180 is an Appliqué Audio Amplifier for iPad 2,3,4, Nexus7, Kindle Fire HD and other tablets. It improves the tablets speaker volume and overall iPad sound. It is also known as an iPad audio amplifier, iPad sound amplifier, iPad speaker amplifier and iPad sound booster. Check out this video, and others on the Multimedia page to learn more.

It works by reflecting the audio coming from your tablets rear or side mounted speaker, and changing it's direction by 180 degrees, concentrating the audio forward toward your ears. It works especially well while sitting, because it avoids the tablet audio being muffled by your lap, pillows, chair, legs, or floor, making the audio you hear louder, clearer and more consistent. It requires no power, yet it typically produces about 10 dB of amplitude gain across the audible spectrum, noticeably improving loudness and quality. With the video coming out the front, your attention will remain on the iPad screen content, not on the audio reflecting from various locations behind it. And it improves your viewing privacy by increasing the audio directed toward you, and reducing the stray audio directed out the back of the tablet toward others in the room.

The design of AudioAmp180 works with most tablets including iPad 2, 3, 4 (with Retina display), Kindle Fire HD 7" and 8.9", Nexus 7, and models from Lenovo, ASUS, Samsung and more. It fits models with tablet thickness between 0.31" and 0.50", and the speaker exiting the side and/or back and within about 0.75" of the tablets edge. It fits perfectly over the Apple Smart Case and the Smart Cover, as well as many other slim line cases and covers. It is made from precision molded ABS plastic, so it won't scratch your furniture or countertops.

AudioAmp180 is available in 10 different colors to match your tablet, case, and color preference: red, pink, blue, green, orange, tan, white, light gray, dark gray, and black. It offers you the highest quality available, and features excellent fit, no sharp edges, textured surfaces, colors that match Apple products, and stylish design. Please check out our MultiMedia tab and content including product details and photographs, videos, customer feedback and social media links.

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